We are currently serving Mansfield, Easton, North Easton, South Easton. Foxboro
Norton, Attleboro, North Attleboro and surrounding towns.

24-Hours a Day Home Comfort Service - 365/24/7

We are a company that still has that special personal touch. No one is just a number.  

We also have
20,000 gallons of above ground storage,
which is our environmentally friendly facility.

For that friendly personal service call Mansfield Oil & Energy Co., Inc.
@ 508-339-4473 or email @ mansfieldoilcoinc@yahoo.com.

Mansfield Oil & Energy Co., Inc. Continues to be in business over 54 + years
in business and we currently are offering a new customer incentive program.

"Our New Customer Incentive Program includes our 10, 20 Plan"

• $10.00 off your 1st Oil Delivery          
• $20.00 off your 2nd Oil Delivery
**Not to be combined with any other offer**
Incentive Program applies to automatic deliveries only

Mansfield Oil & Energy Co., Inc. is committed to the homeowner/business owner to a continually assist in
keeping your system running efficiently day after day.

Your Full Service Home Comfort Dealer is committed to you

Mansfield Oil & Energy Co., Inc. is your full –service home comfort company
that continues to offer the homeowner the following services:

Heating & Air Conditioning
Automatic Fuel Oil Delivery
365/24/7 Emergency Service
Budget Payment Plans
Installation and Service
Quality Technicians & Drivers
Price Competitive
Efficiency test of oil heating equipment

Call Mansfield Oil & Energy Co., Inc. for your personal
Full-Service home comfort difference

@ 1-508-339-4473 or for your convenience Toll free @ 1-800-499-44


Mansfield Oil & Energy Company Inc. has offered homeowners/business
owners home heat comfort since 1961
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Mansfield Oil & Energy Co., Inc.
945 East Street
E. Mansfield, MA 02048
508-339-4473 or 800-499-4473
Keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, 365/24/7, day and night for over 54 + years.

Serving Mansfield, Norton, Foxboro, Easton, North Attleboro, Attleboro &  Southern Massachusetts

Our Energy saving tips !

Mansfield Oil & Energy Co., Inc. Company is committed
to saving you money year after year

For all your heating system needs, play it safe.

Try a few of our energy saving tips:

For all oil heating systems, we recommend the following:

• Get a professional system tune- up once a year.  (This will help ensure your
system is working at peak efficiency. It can also help you save as much as 10 % on your
annual fuel bills.  

  • If you spend $2000.00 a year on fuel, a tune-up can save you close to $200.00.  
  • Besides a tune-up annually will help alleviate potential problems such
  • as frayed wires and worn out parts.

• Have ductwork checked to make sure valuable heat is not being lost through leaks.

For Hot Water Heating Systems:

• Place metal behind radiators or baseboards to “bounce” the heat
back into the room.

•  Before the heating season, remove the dust from the heating fins in the
baseboard with a portable vacuum cleaner or soft brush. .

Tips to reduce your water heating bills:

• If possible, turn the water heater thermostat to a lower setting.

•  If the water heater is located in an unheated part of the house,
insulate it with a water heater jacket.

Always read installation instructions very carefully!.
If you do not know, call someone to help you.

• Buy a new, more efficient water heater.  You could save over 30 %
and get more hot water on demand.

• Fix hot water leaks promptly. One drop of hot water per second in
one month adds up to 16 baths.

• Install a low – flow shower head: you use about one –third less water per
shower. These are available at your local home repair center or hardware
store and can be installed with a few simple tools.

There are many tips that will help with insulation, thermostats and
general maintenance of the home that will help.  

Call for more information.

Mansfield Oil & Energy Co., Inc.
945 East Street
E. Mansfield, MA 02048
508-339-4473 or 800-499-4473
Serving South Eastern Massachusetts

Keeping you
warm in the winter and cool in the summer,
Day or night for over 50 years, 365/24/7.

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Dear Existing & New Customers, Mansfield Oil & Energy is pleased to welcome you to our website.
We pride ourselves as being a family owned and operated business, which means you our customers
are more than that, we view you as an extension of our family.  Please take some time and have
a look around our site, it's loaded with many features which can be u
sed by all our customers.

For your convenience we have listed many of our plans for your review. If you have questions
or would like a copy, please call one of our knowlegable staff. 508-339-4473

If you would also like to contact us by email the following: mansfieldoilcoinc@yahoo.com.  

"Your Cure for the Common Cold" - CALL FOR YOUR Heating Tune -up
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